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Audience Insights

Understanding website visitors helps you to understand if you are attracting the right people to your site and if you are doing this in the right way.
Media is too expensive and conversion rates are too important to think otherwise.
Having strong insights into your site’s data allows you to understand who your customers are and therefore how they might behave. We can advise on where to advertise, how they are using devices and how they are engaging with the site.
We can provide insights into your data to help point you in the right direction; minimising your time and maximising your efforts. Unlike some agencies, we won’t waste your time by giving you information you already know. We provide you with clear, useful insights that will further your business.

We can provide a range, but typical projects include:

  • Affinity Categories & Interests

  • Age & Gender

  • Devices, Technologies & Device Pathways

  • Engagement Metrics

  • Acquisition Channels

  • Campaign Analysis

Find out more

If you would like to find out more or chat about how we can help you, email any of our team below.
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