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Branding & Strategy

We can help guide you through all aspects of the branding process to help create a brand that gets noticed, engages customers, motivates staff and truly means something.
Our experience with brands over the last 20 years has helped us fine-tune what makes a brand engaging. Good branding works because strong brands prosper, that’s why we employ all our creative and marketing knowledge to help you achieve this too.

Brand Audit

It's imperative to get a true understanding of your current brand positioning and how it satisfies the need of your customers and in fast changing times, it's key to get a critical perspective of your competitors and market.

Brand Survey

A brand survey helps you to determine how to compete and stand out amongst your competition. We can help give you an independent view of your proposition, your customers, the market and your competition.

Brand Storytelling

Your story isn't just about you, and the truth is your customers care more about their own issues. Knowing this, our role is to help you define what's really important to your customers and then help you communicate it in a way they'll notice.

Strategic Roadmapping

Evolving your brand and communicating it consistently is complex and involves many people. That's why you need a clear strategy and roadmap to make sure you take everyone with you.

Brand Identity Creation

All brands need a focus so they get noticed. Our role is to build you brand. It's an aligning process where we match your brand proposition with expectations of your target customers.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Evolving your brand's reputation will fail if it's not delivered consistently. This becomes very apparent within the sale and marketing funnel. For that reason, we can help you to align both your people and messages to help create a seamless customer journey.

Our promise is this:

  • Branding comes from within; so we’ll guide you through the process

  • Our goal is to help you find a purpose and sense of direction first before anything cosmetic

  • Once the creative is executed, we can help you roll that out too.

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