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Data Visualisation Dashboards

Data needs to be simply conveyed, relevant to the person and tell you something you can act upon. Everything else is just noise.
We build personalised and real-time dashboards within Google Data Studio and other such tools, often pulling in data from a variety of sources.
Our bespoke data dashboards allow you to view key metrics that matter to you the most. We design our dashboards so they’re clean, simple, and full of useful insights. We won’t clutter your reports with information you don’t need, likewise, we’re happy to give you in-depth information on areas you want to understand better.

Typical dashboards can include:

  • Management Dashboard

  • Site Performance Dashboard

  • Offline Sales Data Performance

  • Paid Traffic Reports

  • Organic Traffic Reports

  • Social Traffic Reports

Find out more

If you would like to find out more or chat about how we can help you, email any of our team below.
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