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Digital Insights

We provide clear and actionable insights that will help you make your marketing more focused and effective.
We know it’s frustrating to get confusing data that doesn't point you in the right direction. That’s why we produce clear visual dashboards, actionable recommendations and have split our service into 5 easy to understand products.

Google Analytics Configuration

Initially we need to make sure you're getting the different types of data that are available. That's why we use a range of analytical tools to retrieve the best information for your site. Think audience segmentation, funnels, goals and bespoke audience lists for remarketing.

Audience Insights

Here we analyse your visitors. It's not just about traffic sources and attribution, but knowing about demographics and consumer behaviour to help you target them again.

UX Analysis

Knowing how your visitors behave and interact with your site is essential to optimising your customer experience. Think traffic flows, heat maps and behavioural analysis.

Data Visualisation Dashboards

We produce bespoke dashboards that show exactly what you need in real time. To do this we bring together different data sources and once set up, provide you with a simple dashboard to track your key metrics.

Funnel Analysis

Getting information about who and where people leave your conversion path is an essential part of conversion rate optimisation. We provide an in-depth funnel analysis report to directly improve conversions.

Our promise is this:

  • No reporting for reporting's sake

  • Clear and simple reporting

  • Market intelligence you can action

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