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We help create exhibition environments that impress your customers and communicate who you are. Services range from designing a complete space to providing a simple pop-up stand.
We've been doing events since 1995 so know all about deadlines and the fear of ‘will that actually fall over’. It’s where experience and professionalism count, so from guiding you through the process of supplying various elements, we know how important a valuable team is.

Space Only

Having a space only stand means that you have complete control over the design and layout of your stand. We can help you transform a blank space into an impressive stand.

Shell Scheme

When you have the shell but nothing to fill it, we can help design the graphics, stands, banners and accessories for your build.

Exhibition Graphics

If you have an event already with a wider team including construction and just need exhibition graphics designed, printed and fulfilled, we can help you with this too.

Portable Systems

For small 'back of the car' kits that you can port around to conferences and the like, we can help you design, create and produce these stands.

Bespoke Space

We can design, create and help build a bespoke exhibition space so you impress potential customers. From briefing, allocating tasks and a schedule, ideation, design, production and finally build, we can create a space you can be proud to stand next to.

Our promise is this:

  • We'll help you through the process.

  • It's a team effort and we're great team players.

  • We know what it takes to hit the deadline.

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