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We helped showcase Guardian's new image with a slick rebrand.

Guardian Surgical is a leading supplier of surgical textiles, serving over 300 NHS and private sector hospitals. They reached out to us looking for help with their site rebranding, knowing that we would provide a meaningful, streamlined product range.


A well-established brand within the medical industry and highly regarded by the NHS, Guardian has grown over the years and as a consequence had acquired a vast array of products. With so many products to choose from on offer, the clarity of their proposition became unclear and started to create confusion both internally and externally. Following a rebrand the website needed to be updated to reflect the new identity. Part of the redesign included rationalising the product classifications.


To re-position Guardian as a more agile and customer centric business, selling relevant products in both ‘re-useable’ and ‘single use’ marketplaces.


To do this they went through a process of rationalisation and re-structured their product offering to reduce the ever-growing confusion. Following on from the rebrand new collateral and a new website was launched to visually demonstrate their new approach and create a look and feel that was bold, dynamic and different within their industry.

Perfect Storms proven track record of creatively bringing healthcare brands to life across multiple channels makes them the ideal partner.
Roberta Charlotte, Sales & Marketing Manager, Guardian

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