When healthcare buyers are looking for a service or product, they are doing so with the heavy responsibility of patient safety and public money on their shoulders.

A med tech or digital health company’s reputation, reliability and track record will all need to be of a high standard to even be considered as an NHS supplier.  

It’s a safe bet then, that your website will have been scrutinised to an inch of its life and compared to those of your competitors before your potential client even picks up the phone or pings you an email.

Knowing your customer and tailoring your online presence to meet their high expectations, then, is crucial to putting your med tech company in the striking range of that elusive new deal.

How to define a healthcare buyer persona

Take a step back: We all think we know our market inside out, but things change – and that is especially true in the fast-paced world of healthcare. Forget everything you thought you knew and start from scratch.

Be specific: How many times have you heard colleagues say: ‘I want to reach everyone’? It’s a noble, but thoroughly unrealistic aim. No company can be all things to all people, and trying to be makes it all but impossible to attract meaningful leads.

Do your homework: Research, research, research. Speak to as many people as possible, conduct surveys, host focus groups. The more information you have on your customer, their needs and pinch points, the more you will be able to ensure your website answers their questions.

Don’t rest on your laurels: A researcher’s job is never done! Healthcare priorities, procurement processes and leadership teams change, and they can change quickly. Keep up-to-date on what’s going on in your sector, therapy area and target healthcare organisations.

Meeting needs and making decisions

Once you understand your customer you understand their needs. Ensuring your website demonstrates how your product can solve your client’s problem is crucial to engagement.

Maybe you have data that shows your staffing app has helped healthcare organisations save on recruitment costs? Think interactive infographics.

Or do you have case studies from people living with a long-term condition who have benefited from your remote monitoring app? Would they be happy to go ‘on film’?

It’s also really important to understand the hierarchy of healthcare buying. It can take some time to turn each healthcare lead into a sale.

Med tech is a growing and increasingly crowded, market place meaning there are many solutions to each problem.  Healthcare organisations need to ensure they are getting the best product, at the best price from the most reliable supplier.

Not only that, but your client will usually need to prove that to multiple other stakeholders. In the healthcare system, decisions tend to be made by committee, making buying decisions subject to a variety of opinions, personalities and heavy scrutiny.

Having relevant, credible, accessible information online will help you stand out from your competitors from the start. But it will also help your company prove its worth at every step of the buying hierarchy, from clinician to compliance to procurement. And that can be the difference between a sale or falling behind in the modern era. What could you be doing to improve your online presence? Give us a call and receive a free audit today.