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The Stadium Clinic

We designed a brand and website to launch a new kind of clinic. 

Established in Bristol’s Ashton Gate stadium, Stadium Clinic is a private clinic that specialises in all orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions.


Several of the UK’s top orthopaedic and musculoskeletal surgeons wanted to create a clinic that could give outstanding patient care during and after the Coronavirus pandemic. The Covid-19 virus caused congested hospitals, and at the same time, lockdown restrictions left sports stadiums empty. Hence, the surgeons wanted to use the state of the art hospitality facilities at Bristol City Football Club’s Ashton Gate Stadium to create a clinic that could give patients a welcoming and comfortable consultation experience.


We knew a great user experience was at the heart of what we needed to create, and we wanted to deliver that through a brand that represents the ethos of both the surgeons, the stadium and the football club. We aspired to combine the sporting prestige of Bristol City Football Club, and the knowledge and reputation of some of the best clinicians in the country, with high-quality corporate facilities of Ashton Gate stadium. 


We created the branding and website for the Stadium Clinic. In the branding, we used contrasting greens and blues to signify the surgeons’ clinical expertise, and we crossed the clinical with striking graphic elements to emphasise BCFC’s sporting excellence. With the website, we made a booking system that’s easy to navigate, so the patient experience is seamless from their first contact with the brand. In doing so, we managed to align clinical and sporting distinction with premium facilities to give patients an exceptional overall experience. 

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