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Zimmer Biomet

Restructuring the sales department to achieve sustainable growth.


In an extremely competitive environment, Zimmer Biomet needed to increase sales targets and help further position them as a leading global medical manufacturer. Their approach so far had been to use solution selling to market products to organisations, but they felt they needed some internal changes within their sales department to adhere to the medical device’s ever-evolving market.


We analysed their current sales and marketing approach and discovered that challenging their purchasers would help increase their likelihood of winning additional revenue. We wanted the business to be able to talk to their buyers with a wealth of medical knowledge and to begin to solidify Zimmer Biomet as an influential source. We introduced Zimmer Biomet to a new selling technique - insight selling. This would involve aligning the sales process more closely with content marketing, which produces a more knowledgeable sales proposition and creates a sales approach that aids revenue growth.


We deconstructed our medical insights into new memorable chunks of information, and delivered them to the sales team in a way that brought this to life, and helped excite them when it came to relaying this information to purchasers. We used creative direct mail to help visualise the new insights, which complemented their new internal structure. Our Exeter Rock campaign highlighted the fragility of other medical products, Maple Syrup to teach executives about the Vancouver Scale, and Roulette Chips to demonstrate how competitor products were much more of a gamble than their ‘safe bet’ alternative. We then organised internal sales training days, complete with an actual fighter plane ejector seat, ready for rounds of fast-paced hot seating and themed rooms aligned to our direct mail campaigns to further reinforce new learnings.

We needed an agency that could be transparent. Perfect Storm didn’t use fancy buzzwords and white label existing products, they listened to our needs and ideas and took the time to create bespoke solutions with us to help us achieve sustained growth.
Mike Colling-Tuck, Zimmer Sports Medicine Marketing Manager

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